The Creach


1948025_f520Werewolves are not at all like the cool creatures you see on TV or in the movies. These guys are blood-thirsty animals who will rip out your throat without a second thought. The problem is that once a werewolf shifts into its wolf form, it has little or no memory of its human self. However, there are a handful of powerful werewolves who have mastered their affliction and can control both their transformation and their actions afterward. You might think that my Aunt Sophie was a werewolf, but she wasn’t. True werewolves are humans that turn into wolves. Aunt Sophie was a Devil-Wolf, or a demon that has transformed into wolf. (More on demons below.) A few myths. Werewolves don’t need a full moon to transform, most of them can do it on command. A silver bullet does indeed take out a werewolf…but other bullets will do just as well. (Although old-time hunters insist on using silver.) If you ever meet a werewolf in person, you can run, hide, scream, cry, stay silent…it doesn’t matter. Because if one finds you, its going to get you, no matter what you do.


Vampire-vampires-17788346-485-572Vampires consider themselves the top of the Creach food chain. (Which is why I put them second…just to make them mad!) Most of them have incredible egos which is why you see so many references to them in popular culture. They love to see themselves described as romantic, exotic and beautiful, and if you’ve watched any vampire movies recently, you can see that’s usually how they are depicted. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Vampires are beastly creatures with pale, deathly complexions, yellowed fingernails, stained teeth and poor hygiene. In their minds, they are still absolutely gorgeous, but when you meet them, you notice they look and smell like a decaying body. I guess that’s what you get when you sleep in a grave every night. A few myths. Garlic does no good at all. Neither does daylight. Decapitation or a wooden stake to the heart are the only sure ways to kill a vampire. This is why I’m nervous that the vampire Ren Lucre, the Lord of the Creach, may still be alive and still plotting to kill me.


341819-zombies_largeZombies are the undead, which tends to confuse people. For the most part, the zombies we’re worried about are the ones who were once human. Pretty much any living thing can be a zombie. I’ve seen zombie horses, zombie dogs, even zombie rats. But the ones that will give you the most trouble are the human zombies. They have the appearance of reanimated corpses which can be a little unsettling when you fight them. Parts of their body will inevitably be eaten away by fungus or mold and worms will be feasting on their soft tissues. You just can’t pay attention to that kind of stuff. You also have to try to ignore the clothes they are wearing. Nothing will throw off your attack like noticing the zombie in front of you is wearing a jersey of your favorite sports team. You just have to focus on one thing and one thing only…knocking their heads clean off their bodies. It’s really the only way to make them stop coming after you. Because once a zombie is on your trail, there are only two ways it’s going to end. You decapitate the zombie or the zombie eats your brains. Yeah, they got that part right in the movies. Zombies love to eat brains. So, if you want to keep your skull in one piece and not be some dead dude’s dinner, I suggest you get ready to do battle!


demonicI admit it, these guys freak me out. They are creatures that have escaped the Underworld, either in their own form or by possessing the physical body of another. They range wildly in levels of power and ability, but all of them do the bidding of the mysterious Lord of the Demons who, thankfully, has not been seen on Earth for hundreds of years. They only thing that keeps me from being totally terrified by the idea of demons is that I was raised by one. My Aunt Sophie was a Devil-Wolf, a demon who transforms into a werewolf. She was forced by Ren Lucre to raise me until the Law of Quattuordecim was breached, but she eventually fell in love with me and raised me with as much tenderness and support as any mother could. This tells me that there is inherent good in some demons, maybe in all the Creach. But I’ve yet to meet another demon who showed any trace of compassion or care for human beings. Mostly, they just want to kill you and feast on your soul. My advice to you is to stay far away from them and to practice your sword skills if you think one might be in your area.

The Lesser Creach

frightening-creatures05This is the catch-all for hundreds of creatures who live outside the bounds of nature but who do not have enough strength to form their own clan. This is typically because these creatures lack the intelligence and the sophistication to survive for long in a world dominated by men who fear abnormality. Many species of the Lesser Creach were hunted to extinction by early man. Those which were left fled to the darkest forests, into the city sewers, and deep into caves where they could live in relative peace. Looked down upon by the other Creach, these Lesser’s are sometimes used as slaves (goblins, rock trolls), attack animals (harpies, mole-creatures) or as mercenary soldiers (minotaurs, centaurs, etc.) The Lord of the Lesser Creach has the hardest job of all the Lords as he has to balance the needs of so many different species at once. Theirs is a cruel and often short life with violence used as the common language between them. The Lesser Creach are what you will most likely face early in your hunter career. Each of them presents its own challenge and its own danger. In the future, I will try to give a more definitive description of each type and instructions on how to fight them. Until then, good luck!