Jack Templar & the Lord of The Werewolves

Jack Templar & the Lord of The Werewolves by Jeff Gunhus

Book Four

Fresh from confronting the Lord of the Vampires in the limestone catacombs beneath Paris, Jack Templar faces his toughest challenge yet as he searches for the next Jerusalem Stone, this one being held by the Lord of the Werewolves. But the narrow escape from the vampire lair came at a great cost and Eva battles for her survival. The only chance to help Eva is to continue their quest and find the Jerusalem Stones.

Reuniting the Stones will not only stop Ren Lucre’s coming war against mankind, but also transform Eva back into her human self. From the ruins of ancient Delhi to the depths of the Black Forest in Germany, Jack and his friends face monsters, bewildering riddles and treachery from the most unlikely of places.

Through it all, they are plagued by the Oracle’s prediction that at least one of their group will not make it through the adventure alive. Worse yet, they know that Kaeden, the Lord of the Werewolves, will do his best to make sure none of them do. But they are monster hunters of the Black Guard…

…and they will do their duty, come what may.

Audiobook Edition
Jack Templar & the Lord of The Werewolves audiobook by Jeff Gunhus

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Format: Unabridged | Narrator: Ben Kass | Time: 5h 13m


“I’ve read all the Jack Templar books (this is the fourth) and this one is my favorite so far! I said that about the last one, too, so they just seem to get better and better!”

– Melanie Valderrama

“This is a well-paced, riddle-filled episode, and the descriptions of dark and gloomy forests are equally matched by the lighter side of European culture. Mr. Gunhaus is a master of tension, and also a pretty mean hand at describing fights and battles too.”

– Jemima Pett

“Gunhus easily mixes action, adventure and humor to bring about a story that is as much about battling evil as it is about the bonds of true friendship and the sacrifices people make for those they love. For lovers of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, this book will keep you on your toes and wondering at every turn.”

– Brooke DelVecchio

“As much as I loved the first books in the series, I didn’t think book 4 could get under my skin as much as 3 did. The revelations in Lord of the Vampires hit like shots, but Lord of the Werewolves blew me away. Each new adventure brings me deeper into the world of monsters and hunters, more attached to the characters, and more fearful of the awful consequences if Jack fails.”

– Sheryl A. Hartwell