Jack Templar & the Lord of The Vampires

Jack Templar & the Lord of The Vampires by Jeff Gunhus

Book Three

After fighting a goblin army, befriending an ancient werewolf, and battling two fire breathing dragons during his adventures at the Monster Hunter Academy, Jack Templar hoped for a rest. No such luck.

In this third adventure of the Jack Templar Monster Hunter series, Jack embarks on a quest to track down and acquire the first of five mythical Jerusalem Stones, an ancient power source found by his ancestors, the Templar Knights. Only the reunited Stones can stop Ren Lucre, the Dark Lord who holds Jack’s father hostage and prepares for an all-out war against an unsuspecting human world.

A different Creach Lord holds each Stone, and recovering them will not be easy. Jack and his friends begin their quest by seeking out a powerful and terrifying adversary, the Lord of the Vampires. The fate of the world rests on Jack’s shoulders and he will be tested like never before.

Join Jack Templar on his most dangerous journey yet, but remember that doing so makes you part of his world. Read this book only if you are prepared to battle the Creach and live by the monster hunter motto. Because to survive, you must…

Audiobook Edition
Jack Templar & the Lord of The Vampires audiobook by Jeff Gunhus

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Format: Unabridged | Narrator: Ben Kass | Time: 8h 54m

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“Jeff Gunhus does not disappoint with the third installment in The Templar Chronicles. I once again ignored the warning directed to the reader that comes at the start of each book in the series, hunkered down, and tore my way through Jack Templar and the Lord of the Vampires. From my perspective, Jack Templar and the Lord of the Vampires is a fast-paced, action-packed joyride that continues in the same vein as the first two books in the series. If you loved Books 1 & 2, Book 3 will keep you hooked into the adventures of Jack Templar and his friends.”

– Renee at Mother Daughter Book Reviews

“This is the third book of the series, and I fear I must now declare myself addicted. I rapidly read this book and was depressed when I realized I now have to wait for the next book. with each book I read my recommendation to others goes up and up.” 

– Jamie E.

“The third book in Jeff Gunhus’s Jack Templar: Monster Hunter series doesn’t disappoint. Picking up where the second book left off, Jack’s exciting adventures continue. He and his friends have set out to find the Jerusalem stones that will save Jack’s father and save the world. The journey starts in Marrakech with Jack looking for the location of the Lord of the Vampires.”

– Christina Weigand

“The first book in the series introduces the characters and problem. The second book offers the necessary training and background, and the third book delivers on it’s promise to start a incredible journey.”

– Kirstin