Survival Tips

1-image_2Hi – it’s Jack,

I’m going to assume you are here because you are already a monster hunter or in training to become one.

I want to share with you some techniques to how to ferret out monsters that might be lurking in your hometown, waiting until just the right time to strike.

Nocturnal behavior: Monsters prefer the dark shadows of the night. This is not a hard and fast rule so don’t think that when you see someone you suspect of being a monster walking around down on a bright and sunny day that they can be crossed off your list. The Creach are much trickier than that. Still, be on the lookout for people who seem to be night owls. People with night jobs. People who are out for jogs in the middle of the night. This can be a key sign of monster activity.

Calm demeanors with short temper outbursts: Creach who are in disguise among humans are under constant strain to keep from being discovered. For the disguise to work, they need to stay as calm as possible to avoid drawing attention to themselves. But the mental strain of resisting the temptation to not eat the people around them can cause them to snap. Just imagine being around walking versions of your favorite food all day without being allowed to eat any of it! Usually, these temper tantrums are short-lived as they regain their composure. Watch out if they feel like they’ve blown their cover. With nothing left to lose, they’ll just start eating!

Dirty fingernails: I don’t know why, but the Creach have a terrible hygiene when it comes to their nails. This is especially true for any of the undead monsters. I guess it’s from clawing their way out of a grave. Anyway, when you see someone who always has gross, dirty fingernails, you might want to put him or her under surveillance. It could be a monster…or you might just have found a person with gross fingernails.

Acute sense of smell. It depends on the Creach, but a majority of them use their sense of smell to hunt. If you notice someone with a overly sensitive nose smell and who is really grossed out by even the smallest bad smell, you might be on to something. My buddy T-Rex usually helps me out here as he’s always passing gas so I can see who reacts to it. If you don’t have a gaseous friend, try eating some beans yourself so you can conduct this test yourself.

Reaction to the Templar cross. You see this a lot in movies. Where the demon or the vampire reacts to a cross. It’s actually not a religious thing. It’s that the Black Watch, the original monster hunters, were a secret society within the Knights Templar. Any cross will do, but if you do a quick google search for a Templar cross, that’s the one that really drives them nuts.

OK, that should be enough to get you going. If you spot anyone suspicious your best bet is to run…run as fast as you can.

Good luck out there. And remember…

Do your duty, come what may.