Should you tell your friends the truth?

1-image_2Many of you have written me to ask whether you should tell your friends the truth about the monsters in the world or just keep it a secret. Unfortunately, like most things in life, the answer is that it depends.

Here’s the deal. Because you’ve made the decision to join the fight, monsters are going to come looking for you. With the help of the books and this site, you should be in good shape to protect yourself and stand up to what ever monsters you face (as long as there are not too many of them!) The thing is that when the monsters appear there’s a good chance you’ll be hanging out with your friends when they do. Unless they know what to expect, they will just freak out and run away, leaving you to face the monster all by yourself. Not good.

So, as a rule, you should tell your closest circle of friends and no-one else. There is safety in numbers and, as I keep learning, power in having the help of friends.

Hope that helps!