Letters from Jack Page 1

Don't Be Fooled

Hey Guys – I’ve heard from a few of you that the Creach are infiltrating your hometowns using elaborate disguises. Being able to see through a monster’s diguise is a key skill for a monster hunter. Here are a couple of tips. 1) Focus...

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Keeping In Fighting Shape This Summer

I had a pretty big fight yesterday against dozens of monsters. I did pretty well and beat them all…but only barely. It wasn’t their skill or numbers that almost did me in, it was that I simply ran out of energy. With it being...

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New Monsters On The Prowl

Hi Guys, I hope you’re being safe out there and joining together in small groups when possible. There is always more safety in numbers so if you know other monster hunters in your area, link up and watch each other’s back. You should know...

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