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Dear Parents and Teachers,

Jack Templar Monster Hunter was created when I realized my 11 year old son was a reluctant reader. Since I was avid reader from a young age, devouring every book I could find, I wasn’t sure how to handle his lack of interest. My solution was to create an Early Morning Book Club where he, my younger son and I read together for an hour before school every day. After a while, their interest wandered so I decided to write an adventure with my sons as the heroes. Jack Templar was born. It worked adn they are both now success, voracious readers. Since then, I’ve become involved with the reluctant reader issue, especially with young boys who are much less likely to read as compared to young girls. For information about tips to get your kids reading, please click though to this article about my journey with my sons that was featured on Amazon.

Thanks and happy reading.

AR Tests for Classrooms

A special thank you to Brooks Spencer, reading specialist from Cedar Lee Middle School, for providing the AR tests for Jack Templar books 1 and 2.

Check out the tests

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