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1-image_2Hi Everyone,

You’ll never believe what I’ve been through recently. I thought facing the Lord of the Vampires was tough…I never knew what I’d face out here in the real world. I’m writing everything down, so you’ll hear it soon enough in Book #4, but it’s pretty crazy. I’m going to need to take some time to digest what happened and what it all means before we move on. Keep your wits about you. Things have never been so dangerous in the world and I think it’s about to get worse.

Your friend,


1-image_2I know a lot of you live in places where it’s starting to get warm and your thoughts are turning to summer vacations. I’m glad that you’ll be able to take some time off of school and enjoy yourselves. Unfortunately, I’m knee-deep in my quest for the Jerusalem Stones, so there won’t be any vacations for me!

I just want to warn you not to let your guard down. The Creach don’t take vacations either, so always be on the look-out. That tennis intructor or that life-guard at the swimming pool might be a Creach. You just never know! Have fun, but be careful.


1-image_2Hi Everyone –

I’ve really kicked up the hornet’s nest now. For reasons I can’t really go into right now, Creach around the world are going to be REALLY upset because of what Eva, Daniel, T-Rex, Will, Xavier and I just did. Without going into detail since this isn’t a secure site, let’s just say they are going to be REALLY mad. So, keep extra good watch for the next couple of weeks for increased activity in your area and post any suspicious activity on this site. Good luck and keep your heads down!