AR Tests for Classrooms

A special thank you to Brooks Spencer, reading specialist from Cedar Lee Middle School, for providing the following AR tests for Jack Templar books 1 and 2.

These can be added to any school based AR program as a Teacher Created Test. When the test is created, the first answer, a, has to be the correct answer. Then, when it’s put in, the AR system will scramble the answers when the students take the test.

Jack Templar: Monster Hunter
  1. Jack Templar: Monster Hunter by Jeff GunhusWhat did Jack request for his birthday dinner?
    a) pepperoni and pineapple pizza
    b) foot long sub
    c) spaghetti and meatballs
    d) steak and fries
  2. It wasn’t unusual for Jack’s friend will to come to school with what?
    a) bruises
    b) new clothes
    c) a note from the doctor
    d) bagged lunch
  3. What is Quattuordecim?
    a) the number 14 in Latin
    b) a musical group made up of 4 violins
    c) an elaborate form of Dungeons and Dragons
    d) a resort on the coast of Italy
  4. Which of the following characters had not been in disguise?
    a) Dirk
    b) Cindy Adams
    c) Ms. Hester
    d) Eva
  5. What had started this war between the Black Guard and the Creach?
    a) a group of Creach children had been killed by the Black Guard
    b) a Creach princess had married a Black Guard prince
    c) a group of Vampires had been caught as spies among the Black Guard
    d) the Creach had been stealing human babies
  6. How had T-Rex escaped from the attic?
    a) he disguised himself as a troll and walked out of the house
    b) he had kidnapped Mrs. Fitcher and used her as a shield
    c) he promised he would lead them to where Jack was hiding
    d) he put his finger so far up his nose he fainted and they thought he was dead
  7. Ren Lucre thought he could lure Jack out by…
    a) kidnapping and holding Cindy Adams
    b) promising to bring back Aunt Sophie
    c) offering to take him to his father
    d) making him a Creach Lord if he came over to their side
  8. What was the creed of The Black Guard?
    a) Do your duty, come what may
    b) One for all and all for one
    c) Always believe in yourself
    d) Follow your heart and you will always be happy
  9. What had Jack been referring to when he said “I mean like horses” when they were going to rescue Eva, Cindy and Will?
    a) using Ms. Hester’s Mustang convertible
    b) going by the stables and getting horses for them to ride in on
    c) using the sound system to play a stampede to frighten the monsters
    d) calling the Park Rangers to ride in the stadium in front of them
  10. In order for Ren Lucre to be forced to accept Jack’s challenge, Jack must have…
    a) had Creach blood
    b) been the true son of his father and not a decoy
    c) promised his mother he would return to the dead after he defeated Ren Lucre
    d) promised Ren Lucre to allow him to die on the battle field

Jack Templar and The Monster Hunter Academy

Word Count: 40690
ATOS level: 5.5
Points: 6
Interest Level: MG – Fiction

  1. Jack Templar and the Monster Hunter Academy by Jeff GunhusBefore they can get to the Academy, Jack and the group are attacked by
    a) Tiberon the wolf and his pack
    b) Shriekers
    c) Goblins let by Ren Lucre
    d) A Ratling rebellion
  2. Afraid of what might happen to his family in the year 1000, Ren Lucre
    a) Decided to embrace the dark side by becoming a vampire
    b) Built a fortress to protect them
    c) Asked the Creach for their protection
    d) Tried to become a Templar Knight but was refused
  3. When Daniel takes Jack out alone into the forest, he’s intending to
    a) Use Jack as bait to lure the wolves so he can kill them and avenge his family’s deaths
    b) Kill Jack and bring back his body to prove Jack is not the One
    c) Have Jack kidnapped and sent back to America
    d) Knock Jack out and pretend to save him to impress Eva
  4. Jack was able to communicate with Tiberon through
    a) Mental telepathy (thoughts)
    b) Sort of a Morse Code in barks
    c) A strange sign language only they understood
    d) Dreamscapes
  5. Xavier created all of the following gadgets for Jack to use in the Trial of the Cave except
    a) Cloak of invisibility
    b) Explosive golf balls
    c) Luminescent paint
    d) Belt and reel with ejectable fasteners
  6. When Jack had to choose which ring to take, he knew it was the plain one because
    a) The Templars took a vow of poverty
    b) Diamonds are only for women’s rings
    c) Only Vampires would create a bling ring for a skeleton
    d) The old legends said the more ornate the ring the more bad luck it would bring
  7. After Jack had defeated the Trial of the Cave, he found he was still locked inside until he
    a) Put on the Templar ring
    b) Found the second way out by floating down the river
    c) Yelled and beat on the door until someone heard him and let him out
    d) Tricked the ogre into chasing him and crashing into the doors
  8. The dragons attacked the Academy for one reason
    a) To capture Jack and take him to Ren Lucre
    b) Burn it down, especially the Templar Tree
    c) Find and kill their leader Aquinas
    d) Distract them so the goblins could attack
  9. Aquinas was right about Jack becoming stronger when he found out
    a) What he stood for
    b) Where his father was being held
    c) What his connections with the Creach meant
    d) If Eva would choose him over Daniel
  10. When they had defeated the goblins with Tiberon’s help, he agreed to tell Jack
    a) Where the Jerusalem Stones were located
    b) How to defeat Ren Lucre
    c) How he had survived for 700 years
    d) How to ask the wolves for help if they needed them in the future